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Branding for restaurants: How to keep customers coming back.

The restaurant scene is growing faster than ever, and with more good options being served up, how do you keep them coming back week after week?

How do you create loyalty and word of mouth? How will people come to choose you when your competition claims the same things as you, quality…farm to table…street food….ramen…classic american…bbq? Ultimately how do you meet and exceed your goals?

There lies the power of a strategic, honest and beautifully unique head to hand-crafted brand experience.

Sure, it’s also most definitely about your food and staff and if that isn’t up to par then you’ve already lost…but let’s assume you’re dishing out the good stuff, in fact; better than all your competitors, but after a quick glance at reviews, your customer is still left wondering where do I spend my money tonight? They will choose based on what they understand about each business and how that connects with their ideals as an individual and or the ideas of a larger group they see themselves apart of. And if they choose you, how do you hold up your end of the deal by creating a memorable experience worth coming back for and sharing with others?

(singing it now) It’s your brrrrrraaaaaaannnnndddddd. Here’s how this is truth.

A brand is not a logo and it would be a mistake to task a logo or website alone with the objective of this human connection and with the future of your business.

Your brand is the complete picture of how your customer experiences and understands your business. It’s everything from your marketing outreach strategy, messaging, website strategy, website design and development, social presence to the quality of the aesthetic design via your logo, color palette, use of illustration or photography, menu design and restaurant environment. It is the story you express on the outside and how that story pays off on the inside which ultimately keeps people coming back with greater check values because you’ve made it so enjoyable that they identify personally with the quality of that experience. This along with your delicious product is how people understand you.

We always say the “if you build it they will come” mentality only worked for Kevin Costner and baseball loving ghosts. Even Costner had to build a baseball diamond in his corn field to reach its audience.

We believe the most successful businesses embrace their unique brand story and strategically engage people where they live.

At Fine Humans we know people make decisions based on what they believe and your brand is the complete story of your passion. Not just the product you place in front of them. A brand is the totality of their dining experience that starts by building expectations, proves that story in-person, and reminds the world why it’s different. That sounds tasty to us.

Sometimes we all mistake cost savings with value. The return on the value of an honest and impactful brand is the future proofing of your business with the public. Aside from a doggie bag, your customer takes your brand home with them.

Holistic branding is not exclusive to the restaurant industry but is ever more important as the choices of where to dine out keep expanding. Strategic and holistic branding are paramount to businesses looking to grow or build equity and loyalty in every industry whether retail, apparel, financial tech, and travel and hospitality.