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Fine Humans is a Pittsburgh-based multidisciplinary branding agency.

Often, a request will come in for "just a logo" or "just a website." We gotta be honest with you, “Just a logo” or “Just a website” will not grow your business or create memorability.

Brands aren’t known for their logo or website alone. A brand is a unifying system that aligns business, product, operations, sales and marketing to ensure that you are building what customers need and when. Today’s brands need to constantly evolve and cohesively function across many applications including physical, digital, and environmental in order to be successfully engage customers.

Companies need to humanize themselves by being more transparent, empathetic, and communicate eye-to-eye with customers. Customers seek not just to buy something, but to buy into something.

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Suitable Logo
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CollectedPgh Logo
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Brands built by #finehumans

At Fine Humans, we help you build and grow your business through enduring brand identities and tightly crafted human experiences. Our work simplifies clutter, connects emotionally, and creates a lasting relationship between your business and customer.

We specialize in producing holistic identities, by partnering early on to define your business goals, all the way through execution across key touch points. We create proprietary assets that your brand can own and customers can form a bond with.

An example of a holistic brand created by Fine Humans

Realizing that there is a void for quality housemade ramen in Pittsburgh, chefs Roger Li and Dom Branduzzi approached Fine Humans about an idea for a first of its kind Ramen Shop.

Ki Ramen Logo
Ki Ramen Logo

Getting to the soul of the business

Pittsburgh is booming in every way. More restaurants, more tech and with that comes a more cluttered visual market. From that noise arises an army of sectioned pig logos, common visual ideas and stock websites forming the haze of sameness.

We develop identities to tell a unique story in the market, setting them apart with conversational language as well as stimulating the senses visually. Through customer exploration, market evaluation and informed design decisions we bring out brands with soul.

Ki Ramen Brand Typography
Ki Ramen Brand Elements

Owning the brand elements

We believe in creating a visual language that is unique to your business and believe most stock should be killed with fire. A consistent yet flexible brand system should have long legs and be instantly recognizable across a range of touch points.

We'll arm you with proprietary brand elements including typography, illustration, photography, content creation and social presence that your customers connect with.

Ki Ramen Brand Business Card
Ki Ramen Brand Photography
Ki Ramen Brand Photography

Capturing the moment

Photography is an incredibly important medium for telling your story and creating an emotional resonance with your customers. We see ourselves in the experiences of others and want that for ourselves. These experiences cannot be created with generic stock photography.

By capturing realistic moments, customers feel a kinship with your brand that creates a deeper empathetic connection. Humans are visual creatures and we like to feed them.

Extending the experience

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to sell, endear, convince and mobilize your customers to take action. We help customers make those conscious and unconscious actions by communicating to all their senses. From branded bowls to digital content we see an opportunity to convert.

Ki Ramen Brand Experience
Ki Ramen Brand Website
Ki Ramen Brand Soul In A Bowl
Fine Humans worked with us to define our business goals and create our brand around them. Because of their unique view on branding and customer relationships, we have gained a significant social following and consistently sell out of ramen at every event. They have set us up to successfully launch our brick and mortar restaurant.
— Chef Roger Li and Dom Branduzzi | Owners of Ki Ramen
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